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Luke Cage

Alright…been gone for about a month, but I’m back and ready to jump into the next set of “They need to make this movie” posts. Let’s start with Luke Cage.

Luke Cage had it rough as a kid growing up in Harlem and got mixed up with the wrong crowd. So he went to prison for a murder he didn’t commit. In exchange for his release, he underwent some experiments based on a version of the well known super-soldier project. These experiments were supposed to make him immune to illnesses, instead, they made his muscle super humanly dense and strong and made his skin invulnerable. Seeing this, the people who subjected him to these experiments decided to keep him and study him, but with his new found power he broke out and went out to clear his name.

Once free, Luke makes a name for himself as a “Hero for Hire” in his old community. Quickly realizing that his powers are too important to be used only for those who can pay for it, he becomes the vigilante known as “Power Man” (a name I think should be avoided in the movie…unless used as a joke). Luke also eventually meets Jessica Jones, a woman who has seen some super-powered times herself but is now content to just live a normal life. I think no real mention of her various heroic identities needs to be made in the movie, but the occasional “Hey, weren’t you…” lines from random people might be a good head nod to the people who really know the character. Jones eventually marries Cage and they have a baby, but that might be too much for one movie.

On to the villains!

The Wrecking Crew is a group of four not-so-bright coworkers that (now follow me on this) became mystically empowered by holding on to Wrecker’s (the leader) enchanted crowbar while being struck by lightening…

…Okay, so the origin would need some tweaking for a movie audience, but we have seen Thor and Loki and magic and the Hulk and his gamma-powered change, so it might not need too much tweaking, right? These guys are funny, tough characters that are a team, so you can’t just say “Oh I’ll just use Bulldozer for the movie” and move on. They have a way of relating to each other that would make this movie that much better.

The fights would be epic and what makes them cool is that there would be this element we haven’t really seen in superhero movies yet, Luke has no secret identity, no mask. Everyone in his city knows him and has been helped by him in some way before. When the Wrecking Crew starts their “Boss Battle” at the end of this movie, you won’t see a bunch of bystanders in awe and speechless. They will be cheering for Luke like he was in some schoolyard bully beatdown!

Dream Cast:

Luke Cage: Jamie Foxx (“Collateral”)

Jessica Jones:Kristen Bell (“You Again”)

Wrecker: Ron Pearlman (“Hellboy”)

Bulldozer: Randy Couture (“The Expendables”)

Piledriver: Liam Hemsworth (“The Expendables 2”)

Thunderball: Quinton Jackson (“The A-Team”)


Captain Marvel (A.K.A. The Big Red Cheese)

Big Red Cheese

Captain Marvel is really a little orphan boy named Billy Batson who was transported to the mystical mountain-top home of the powerful wizard Shazam. The wizard saw good in the boy and told him that whenever he needed to, he could speak the wizard’s name and be transformed into the “World’s Mightiest Mortal”. The name Shazam is actually an acronym for Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury. When Billy became Captain Marvel, he would be granted traits of these mythical heroes (wisdom, strength, stamina, power, courage and speed, respectively).

Scary Bad Guy

One of his worst arch enemies was Black Adam. He was a former recipient of the power of Shazam and he went bad. Equal in power to Captain Marvel, but he was given this power as an adult, which Shazam had decided was the reason he went bad. Billy Batson, being a little boy, still had the right heart for the job. He wasn’t power hungry or cynical.

This would be an epic movie that would essentially be two “Superman” types duking it out. The difference, though, is that even as Captain Marvel, he still has the mind of young Billy. So he doesn’t cuss. He blushes when a lady gives him the eye. He’s one big muscular kid. This would have a lot of humor in the same vein as Brandon Frazier’s character in “Blast From the Past”, but the big superhero action that “Thor” or “Iron Man” has. Captain Marvel is the man-child with the heart of gold. Pitting that against the more “grown up” mentality of Black Adam would add a great element to what would otherwise be a typical big-guy-hitting-big-guy superhero film.

Dream Cast:

Captain Marvel:Brandon Frazier (“Blast From the Past”)

Billy Batson:Joel Courtney (“Super 8”)

Shazam:Ian McKellen (“Lord of the Rings”)

Black Adam:Dwayne Johnson (“Faster”)

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