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Iron Fist

Okay, there is a long, complicated backstory here. It involves Danny Rand’s (he’s Iron Fist) father and a mystical city of martial artists. Danny eventually grows up in K’un-Lun (that mystical city I mentioned before) where he is now an orphan (his dad was murdered by his business partner and his mom was eaten by wolves). Young Danny learns the ways of the martial arts masters of K’un-Lun (he is trained by Lei Kung on the order of Yu-Ti). Being an adult, now, he wants to return to the civilized world and get his family business back from his dad’s old business partner (he killed Danny’s dad, remember?).

Danny makes it to New York, NY and soon finds that he was followed by a very angry guy from K’un-Lun (after all, this outsider white kid gets special training on the order of the city’s ruler…somebody is bound to get jealous). Danny gets very close to killing Meachum (his dad’s old business partner/murderer) but he is so ashamed of his feelings of vengeance that he walks away. A mysterious ninja kills Meachum (this would be Davos, the son of Lei Kung and really jealous guy). Danny is pinned for Meachum’s death and he now has to clear his name. He meets Misty Knight (no, not a stripper). Misty was an NYPD until a terrorist attack left her with one arm. Tony Stark supplied a bionic arm (with super strength) to Misty and she became a private investigator. She helps Danny clear his name and they fall in love…

…Did I miss anything? Oh! Davos!

He’s the guy in the air.

He becomes the Steel Serpent and wants to kill Danny. He is jealous of this outsider boy gaining the coveted power of the Iron Fist. That is where this movie could bring back some really good martial arts fights (but PLEASE no wire work). I’m talking old school martial arts training scenes a la “Legend of Kung Fu” mixed with gritty modern urban martial arts fights like in “Unleashed” or really any other Jet Li movie (I think his Kung Fu is strongest in recent movies).

Dream Cast:

Iron Fist/Danny Rand: Scott Adkins (“The Expendables 2”)

Davos/Steel Serpent: Donnie Yen (“Ip Man”)

Yu-Ti: Gordon Liu (“Kill Bill”)

Lei Kung: Bolo Yeung (“Bloodsport”)

Misty Knight: Rosario Dawson (“Death Proof”)

Meachum: Danny Huston (“John Adams” T.V.)


Forgotten Martial Arts Flicks

Remember all those Seagal, Van Damme, Chan martial arts movies? Well, this has nothing to do with those. This post is about three lesser-known films that if you do remember, you will agree that they were very cool…at least at the time.

First up, “Only the Strong”.

Ala Cuisine!

Starring Marc Dacascos (otherwise known as the Chairman of Iron Chef: America), this 93 flick follows the basic storyline of troubled high school kids who get their lives turned around by a new teacher. Not the most original story, but whatever works, right? So who is the inspirational teacher? A capoeira (a little known Brazilian dance fighting style) practitioner. Seems like smooth sailing, but wait! The local gang also knows capoeira! Wow, what are the chances? Wooden acting, recycled story, but the fights are something you don’t get to se very often. This one is worth a look back.

Next we have “The Perfect Weapon”.

Where did this guy go?

Jeff was a high school delinquent whose father sent him to a traditional kenpo karate school for some self discipline. When the adult Jeff comes back to the old neighborhood, he finds the Korean mafia are pushing his old teacher around. Jeff doesn’t like this. Starring the superstar Jeff Speakman, thi- What? You’ve never heard of him? Oh, I’m sorry. I guess he’s not a superstar. Anyway…a fun movie with some truly cool fights, one of which is the total defeat of about 6 guys in seconds, this 1991 flick is a lazy afternoon time-killer.

Finally, a movie that actually has a good underground following…”The Last Dragon”. SHO’NUFF!

He really did catch that arrow.

Motwon creator, Berry Gordy brings us one of the best black martial arts movies ever. Leroy Green is growing up in a tough city, but he’s trying to better himself through martial arts. But he doesn’t fight. He focuses on the spiritual oneness offered by practicing martial arts, hence his nickname “Bruce Leroy”. Leroy’s life gets turned upside-down when he saves the local TV star Laura Charles (played by Prince girl Vanity). Events lead Leroy to the final showdown with Sho’Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem. But can Leroy find the glow within himself and defeat his foes?

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