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A Stallone Clip That Needs Watchin’

Came across this and I don’t know how to link to it, so click it or copy/paste or whatever you need to do to see this.


The F’in Hunger Games

Alright, besides being a pretty obvious rip off of the foreign film “Battle Royale” (see my post on American remakes to see how I feel about that), the “Hunger Games” is one of those movies that makes me shake my head. The kids in this movie (or the book) range from 12 to 18 and they are pitted together in a death match. So where are the outraged parents or the ever-enraged Christian Coalition? It’s not that I have a problem with violence…but honestly, WTF?

One of the first death scenes is a kid spitting blood onto another kid’s face because he’s just been stabbed in the back and killed. Granted, this is from the book and it is yet to be seen if it is going to be in the movie, but do me a favor: whenever a kid gets killed in the movie, replace the kid that killed them with an adult. Picture Jason or Freddy or that creepy guy that lives on your street. Is the scene still ok? Can you watch a movie where an adult is murdering a bunch of 14 year olds? I can’t.

People threw a huge fit at some scene in Harry Potter where the villains killed and ate a unicorn…

Why isn’t anyone saying anything about a movie where the entire plot is kids killing kids? Unicorns and evil wizards are completely imaginary and people flipped out! Come on people! Where the heck are the people who care?

By the way, people get pissed off when they see a couple of 15 year old characters in a movie get a little sexual. Why? Why do people get more upset with kids (by kids I mean teens) acting out of good feelings then they do when they see a movie where the whole plot is kids brutally slashing other kids?

Somebody please say something! I won’t be seeing these films.

American Remakes

Who here remembers “The Eye” with Jessica Alba? What? Only a few, huh? Good. It was crap. The problem is that it wasn’t always crap. Back in 2002, Hong Kong put out the original “The Eye” and it was truly dark and scary and it dug itself under your skin by using a novel concept that didn’t seem too far fetched. The ghosts (yeah, if you haven’t seen either film, there’s ghosts) are very unique for film in the way they move about and interact with the living. This film (the original) was so good that it had two sequels that did equally well. In fact, the third in the series even had jokes that poked fun at some of the key moments of the first two films and it didn’t interrupt the great tension of the story.

This is, unfortunately, not that uncommon. Fantastic horror films coming out of Hong Kong, Spain, or Korea are being remade in America and losing all the great fright. These cultures have long standing beliefs about the supernatural that are a part of their everyday culture instead of kicked under the bed the way Americans do with ghost stories. Because of this, they are able to weave tales that are tragic, beautiful, and scary as hell. This is because when some 20something girl tells the older woman in the building that she thinks there might be an angry spirit following her, the old lady freaks out and tells her who to talk to to try and please the spirit so it will go away. In America, that old lady would be the male superintendent of the building and he’d laugh in her face, leaving her on her own and simplifying what could have been a fantastic story.

Films like “A Tale of Two Sisters”, “Ju-On”, “Dark Water”, and “Shutter” have all gotten Americanized into “The Unforgiven”, “The Grudge”, “Dark Water”, and “Shutter”, respectively. Some of these completely lost their original ending or the true motivation of the ghost involved and others just downright sucked.

Why does America do this? Why can’t we just import the great films and distribute them as is. I mean, they got brought over here because they were already fantastic movies, right? So why does America keep messing them up?

American film makers can make their own, original ghost films that don’t completely blow a good story with a horrible ending (don’t ever bother with “The Last Exorcism”). Films like “Skeleton Key” and “The Sixth Sense” were great, not campy, and didn’t have the worst ending imaginable.

If you like ghost movies, try foreign films and skip the American remakes, please.

Red Tails…WTF?

Okay, so I’ve seen a lot of great time-piece films about the black struggle in various fields, and I had high hopes when I heard about this movie. Too bad it sucks. First off, it’s a film about the very real, very honorable pilots known as Tuskegee Airmen and the ads feel that they have to use rap music to make it interesting. Second, all the chanting and bravado shown by the men in the film? Crap! Interviews done with surviving Airmen said that stuff was never done. They were hated and those who wanted them gone looked for any reason to get rid of them. They had no room to do that “Hey, look at me!” bull shown in the movie. They had to be extra professional all the time.

It’s a sad day when a film about such a distinguished group of men gets made and it gets “Hollywooded” into an unrealistic slap in the face.

You want to see a good war film? “Gods and Generals”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Band of Brothers” (yes I’m counting a mini series).

You want a good black-people-overcoming-the-odds movie? “Glory”, “Men of Honor”, “The Hurricane” (okay, maybe that one isn’t the best example…but it’s damn good!).

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