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Arise the Demon, Etrigan!

There’s Hell to pay.

Doesn’t sound familiar? Well, he’s been used in a few Batman animated shows before, but he’s mainly from the books. His time has come! But who is he? The son of the demon Belial (one of the four crowned princes of Hell), Etrigan is a demon that was summoned by the powerful wizard Merlin. Merlin wants the secrets of Etrigan’s power, but is unable to discover them. As this is going on, she-sorcerer Morgan Le Fay finds out that Etrigan is in the human world and wants to use him as her demonic slave. To avoid this, Merlin bonds Etrigan to the soul of one of Camelot’s knights named Jason Blood. This hides Etrigan from Le Fay and allows Jason to not only become immortal, but he can also call on the demon whenever he needs his help. The only catch is that he has to be able to speak this invocation: “Change! Change, O form of man! Release the might from fleshy mire! Boil the blood in heart of fire! Gone! Gone! — the form of man — Rise, the Demon Etrigan!!” Sounds really dark and Shakespearean, right, but if his mouth is taped shut, he can’t say it.

So Jason Blood is now really old (but still looks like he’s in his late 20s-early 30s) and hanging out in modern day Gotham (but for a film, New York could be used). He finds work as a freelance demonologist, exorcist and consultant for the police whenever anything super weird comes up. But who does he have to deal with? Who is his villain? A little boy.

This kid needs a time-out.

Klarion (the “Witch Boy”) is a little kid who lives in a secretive society made up of the descendants of the lost Roanoke colony. As a member of this hidden society, Klarion becomes very adept in the “Dark Arts”.  After almost being burned at the stake by his community, he decides that it’s time he head out into the general public. So, out in our world, he uses his magical abilities to wreak havoc. Now, here’s where I would take this for a movie: Klarion finds a way to contact Morgan Le Fay after he witnesses the demon Etrigan at work. He teams with her and makes a deal: She gets Etrigan and he gets to be her adopted son, thereby getting to rule the world with her.

This movie would be like a cross between “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and “The Incredible Hulk”.  Magic would be a huge factor in the action of the film, but any groans about that can be washed away by thinking about “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, “Willow”, or “Lord of the Rings”. Magic in action films has been done very well, lately, and this movie would certainly keep to that. Along with magic, knock-down drag-out fights can be used. Think “Hellboy”. This could be a huge movie with some serious sequel possibilities.

By the way, don’t think for a second that this is “Hellboy”. Etrigan is not funny or nice. He’s a mean badass demon.

Dream Cast:

Etrigan: Industrial Light and Magic (“The Avengers”)

Jason Blood: Jude Law (“Sherlock Holmes”)

Klarion: Gulliver McGrath (“Dark Shadows”)

Morgan Le Fay: Eva Green (“Dark Shadows”)

Merlin: Christopher Lee (“Lord of the Rings”)

Belial: Jeremy Irons (“Die Hard: With a Vengeance”)


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