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American Reunion review

This movie deserves a well placed thumbs up.

Well I made a big deal out of my fears for this movie, but I was happy to see that this movie did not disappoint. The humor was still in the style of the first three films, but the humorous situations were looked at with a more adult point of view coming from the characters involved. Okay, so Jim is pleasuring himself secretly and gets “caught”, but what does that say about his marriage?

A very good cap stone to the first three films, “American Reunion” covered the reality of the graduating class of ’99. People have boring jobs or no jobs. Some are married with kids and others wish they were. Nobody is doing spectacularly well and nobody is homeless.

It did not pander to the teens of today, either. Half of the humor was from the point of view of ’99s generation looking at the current generation and wondering, “Damn, was I that annoying?” Yes we were. And a very funny moment when an 18-year-old refers to the Spice Girls song “Wannabe” as classic rock was well appreciated.

Overall, this movie stayed true to the first teens who saw “American Pie” when it was first released. It was very funny, but also looked at the lives of our generation in an honest way. If you liked the first three movies, you will like this one as well. And yes, it is worth seeing it in theaters.


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