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American Reunion

What happened to the ten year reunion?

Alright, the first film cam out when I was in high school and I loved it for all the reasons a high school boy would love it. It had funny, gross jokes and a lot of sexual situations. When the first two sequels came out, I likewise liked them for the typical reasons: silly jokes (Jim pretending to be retarded as he murders that trombone) and sexual situations.

Being 27 now, I don’t really watch those anymore because they aren’t my tastes anymore. The same jokes I laughed at then, I don’t find as funny anymore. Stifler was funny and cool when I was a teen, now I’d hate to see him do well. He’s just a dumb jerk.

What I am hoping to see from this movie is an evolved humor to the generation that first saw these movies. We have grown up. Our tastes have changed with that and even though we love nostalgia and can appreciate references to the first 3 movies, I think we all have a better appreciation for a more “grown-up” comedy. If this thing is made to the tastes of the current generation, I don’t think I’m going to like it.

But then I buy “The Hangover” on DVD and my argument is blown to hell.


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2 thoughts on “American Reunion

  1. Katie on said:

    The thing is there’s a whole new generation of high school kids to cater for…

    • And I would agree, but this is a sequel for a series of three films made a while ago. It’s the issue of respecting and pleasing the original audience. The same problem faces those who make movies based on well loved older properties (Transformers, TMNT, Total Recall, etc). I know a happy medium can exist between the tastes of the original lovers of these movies and the current audience, I only hope that it hasn’t gone completely to pleasing the newest generation. Thanks for the comment!

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