Movies for a Rainy Day

The Good, the Bad, and the So-Bad-They're-Good.

Tribute to Taz. 1995-2012


We'll miss you, Tazzie.

Our family had to let one of our dogs go to the Other Side today. Her name was Taz and she was a basenji. From the beginning, she was trouble. Always managing to get into trouble by dumping a trash can everywhere or eating the occasional hat that was left too low. After chewing through a couple of (plugged in) power cords and more than a few tree sprigs, Christmas soon became marked with the tradition of putting up the white lattice fence around the tree and not putting the gifts under it until the night before, all so they would last through the holidays. Tazzie was a “bad dog” in the very best of ways and she will be missed terribly.

As a small tribute to her, here is a list of just a few of the best dog films made.

“Marley and Me”. I don’t think I can ever watch this movie a second time, but it is a beautiful and honest story about best friends.

“Lady and the Tramp”. No movie, ever, will get the personalities of our four-legged friends so perfectly.

“Marmaduke”. A funny, sweet film that everyone in the family can enjoy.

“Homeward Bound”. Two dogs and a cat on an adventure that will get everyone crying tears of joy.

These are just a few films among the many that have been made about our tail-wagging, kibble crunching, sometimes slobbering best friends. If you are reading this, pick that one dog movie you love and watch it.


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