Movies for a Rainy Day

The Good, the Bad, and the So-Bad-They're-Good.

Red Tails…WTF?

Okay, so I’ve seen a lot of great time-piece films about the black struggle in various fields, and I had high hopes when I heard about this movie. Too bad it sucks. First off, it’s a film about the very real, very honorable pilots known as Tuskegee Airmen and the ads feel that they have to use rap music to make it interesting. Second, all the chanting and bravado shown by the men in the film? Crap! Interviews done with surviving Airmen said that stuff was never done. They were hated and those who wanted them gone looked for any reason to get rid of them. They had no room to do that “Hey, look at me!” bull shown in the movie. They had to be extra professional all the time.

It’s a sad day when a film about such a distinguished group of men gets made and it gets “Hollywooded” into an unrealistic slap in the face.

You want to see a good war film? “Gods and Generals”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Band of Brothers” (yes I’m counting a mini series).

You want a good black-people-overcoming-the-odds movie? “Glory”, “Men of Honor”, “The Hurricane” (okay, maybe that one isn’t the best example…but it’s damn good!).


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