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Operation: Get John “Star Wars” Williams a Star on the Walk of Fame!

It’s true. John Williams, composer of such timeless movie scores as “Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones”, “Jaws”, “Home Alone”, etc…, does NOT have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Lassie, Mickey Mouse, Big Bird, and Godzilla all have stars and they’re not even real! (I know what you’re thinking, and no, Lassie was a character played by a dog named Pal, among other dogs).

This man deserves a star! Soon, I’ll post a list of people to contact and how to contact them to get them involved in the process of nominating John Williams. I know that besides being nominated, $25,000 has to be paid for the expense, but organizations like the Hollywood Bowl and people who have worked with Mr. Williams (Speilberg, Hanks, etc.) will be contacted for things like that.

Once I post the list:Get busy!

Write these people and let them know that you want their support in getting this man what he deserves!


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