Movies for a Rainy Day

The Good, the Bad, and the So-Bad-They're-Good.

To get things started…

Does anybody remember good movies? No, I don’t mean stuff like “Remember the Titans” or “Citizen Kane”. Those were crap. I mean stuff like “Clean and Sober” with Michael Keaton. Or “Glenngary Glenn Ross” starring everybody. Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about here. Yeah, I’ll also get into the not-so-classic-but-still-awesome movies like “Halloween”, “You’ve Got Mail”, and “The Holiday”. Hell, I’ll even get into the “Which movie is better?” debates. Mostly, I hope to get people into watching good movies again, not just settling for whichever movie had the hottest actress or coolest car chase.

To get things started:

Current favorites:

“Larry Crowne”: Great, honest look at our current generation’s problems as well as an equally honest love story between two middle aged people.

“Contagion”: Realistic, not overdone exploration of a pandemic. Very scary.

“Bridesmaids”: Yeah, I’m a guy, but these women are very funny and don’t ever have to lean on sexy moments or female stereotype jokes.



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